I'm a Missouri-born, Broadway, Film, T.V, Actor, Singer, Dancer with a passion for Writing Screenplays and Telling Stories. 



My collection of mini-stories, "FRAGMENTS OF TIME" is now available on  It contains 72 mini stores to fill those empty moments of boredom--WAITING!!  The stories range from true psychic mysteries to the humorous observations of life.  There are love stories, war stories, animal, childhood, family, ghost stories, tragic stories, happy stories, pet peeves plus paranormal visions and dreams.  All the stories are created from a lifetimeof people-watching and personal memories.  Most are true, some are not.

 It can be purchased in both paperback or Kindle format. 

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My screenplay - THE COVENANT is under option by JMB Films.



 My very first musical on the Broadway stage was "DAMN YANKEES", where I had the great privilege of working with my idol, Bob Fosse.  I played the Autograph Girl and sang in the "You Gotta Have Heart" reprise with the fabulously talented Jean Stapleton.

Acting Reels

Cherry giving a lesson on parking. 

Three short video clips, the first with the delightful Marvin Kaplan.

Commercial for Wellpoint with Cherry.


Voice 1


Walter Lantz chose me to do the voice of Woody Woodpecker when his wife Gracie retired.  I also did Woody in the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Other voice credits:  Multiple voices in films and various T.V. shows, Pilsner Beer spots, Disney-Vista Records and dubbing for various foreign films.

By the way, I still get a dollar or so residuals for  the voice of a cow in one of the episodes of "Hercules". 

Voice 2


Description 2

Voice 3


Description 3


Animation Voices


Walter Lantz chose me to do the voice of Woody Woodpecker when his wife Gracie retired.  I also did Woody in the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  

Other voice credits:  Multiple voices in films and various T.V. shows, Pilsner Beer spots, Disney-Vista Records and dubbing for various foreign films.  



SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS - by Tennessee Williams -- New York and Los Angeles

"CHERRY DAVIS repeats her original role as Violet.  It is a flawless performance with countless shadings and subtleties so deeply built inside the character that none of them show.  She merely IS the character."  L.A. News West

"CHERRY DAVIS is a remarkable actress and her Violet is a  superb job."  The Hollywood Reporter 

"There are some glorious performances...CHERRY DAVIS...."  NBC TV, Rollin

"The players sustain an exquisitely sensitive mood.  Among them of particular notice are... CHERRY DAVIS, a ghost of Blanche Dubois."  AP, Glover

"CHERRY DAVIS is touching as the sad one."  NY Post, Watts"

"The top acting honors go to CHERRY DAVIS... impeccable in role."  Van Nuys News

"MISS DAVIS gives you a glimpse of a fleeting memory of Belle Reve behind those Orphan Annie Eyes."  L.A. Times -- Sullivan

"CHERRY DAVIS' portrayal of the vacuous prostie who has begun to use sex as an escape, is topnotch."  Variety

"As Violet, CHERRY DAVIS gives a notable impression of a bedraggled flower flattened by several steamrollers."  The Herald – Popkin 


 TRIVIA:  In Tennessee's New York acting debut, he temporarily replaced one of the actors in the show, and in an interview by the Miami Herald, he said, “First of all, I wish to toast two ladies for professional reasons, Helena Carroll and Cherry Davis, the two actresses in my play.”  Now, how generous is that?  It was so awe-inspiring to see this legendary man in the spot light, in his white suit and white panama hat, speaking his own words.  That’s what I call history in the making.

Me, the remarkable Irish actress, Helena Carroll and Tennessee Williams. 


BILLY THE KID - Canadian - Stratford Festival - Toronto

 "If a wholesome whore is to be credible on the stage then she must be played by CHERRY DAVIS, who takes the role of Angela, Billy's girlfriend.  Never before in our experience has such a skirt lifting, leg cocking and robust coital collision engendered in a audience such warm approval and fond amusement.  In a number of minor roles, MS. DAVIS reveals an astonishing versatility, plus a chocolate-cream singing voice that decks the soaring music with many haunting half-tones."  Toronto Sun -- Porter 

TRIVIA:  When my father saw this photo, he almost had a heart attack.  He thought it was from a porno movie. 


MAUDE GONNE SAYS NO TO THE POET - Mark Taper Forum Lab -- Los Angeles

 "If Maud was anywhere near as fiery and exquisitely chiseled as actress CHERRY DAVIS who portrays her, she must have been a breathtaking creature indeed.  As Maud, Davis has an authoritative manner, a composed eccentricity, a voice like icicles snapping and an overriding sense of her own theatricality."  Drama - Logue, Fisher  

"CHERRY DAVIS is exciting as MAUD, filling the stage in almost a one-woman show as she evokes images and people from her life."  L.B. Indep. Press, Taylor  "A wise and generous performance by CHERRY DAVIS as Maude."  L.A. Herald, Duling  TRIVIA:  A lady came backstage to meet me and she said, “My, you’re a little bit of a thing.  I thought you were much taller.”  It was a terrific compliment on my performance as an actor because Maude was a powerhouse of a woman. 


THE TIME OF GOING AWAY - by Ray Bradbury -- Los Angeles

 "Darkly funny...a cloistered, enfeebled, 90-year old virgin, CHERRY DAVIS, is determined to hold the grim reaper at bay at all costs."   L.A. Weekly  

"CHERRY DAVIS' Clarinda melts wonderfully from a tough spinster into a wistful teenager."  ShowMag, Fleming  

"CHERRY DAVIS is wonderful as the maiden."  Ticket-holders, Ruiz  

"CHERRY DAVIS---captivatingly hypnotic."  Tolucan Times, Taylor  


 TRIVIA:  When I auditioned for this role, I wore a wig because my hair was barely growing back from a series of treatments with chemo (all clear now).  Anyway, I jokingly said, “Or if you want me to, I could look like this”, and I pulled off my wig.  And they said, “That’s it, perfect!”, and I got the job.

What an honor it was to work with Ray Bradbury, one of the greatest story tellers of our generation.


OLIVER - Broadway, New York

 "CHERRY DAVIS" appalling slovenliness, as Charlotte, the undertaker's itching daughter, is uproarious to watch."  N.Y World Telegram

TRIVIA:  People never believe me when they ask, “How did you come up with that crazy character?” and I say, “Before I go on stage I think of mashed potatoes and sloppy slippers.”

GYPSY – Broadway, New York

 TRIVIA:  In between my other shows I was asked to take over the role of Agnes in the already running “Gypsy”.  When you takeover a role on Broadway you rarely get to rehearse with the star.  I decided to play the part with a funny voice and a mouthful of braces.  When Ethel Merman heard my first line she was trying to stop laughing through her whole speech.  I was told I was the first person ever to break up Ethel Merman on stage.


GEORGE M - Broadway, New York

TRIVIA:  During this routine I had to magically appear out of a trunk.  I’m claustrophobic.  The stage hands had to cut out the whole back of the trunk for me.  They were not amused.


BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK - Lincoln Center - New York

"I enjoyed best...CHERRY DAVIS..."  New York Times, Clive Barnes  

"CHERRY DAVIS is quite good."  Cue 



 "Out of town scouts predict that CHERRY DAVIS will garner raves from the aisle-sitters when she opens here in The Conquering Hero."  New York Mirror, Coleman

"A number of specialties attract the audience... CHERRY DAVIS' wholesome charm and vivacious singing of the two hit tunes of the show."  N.H. Journal,  F.R.J.

"CHERRY DAVIS does a fine job with her part as a local Cinderella who is completely misunderstood by the hero.  She sings well and has an impish charm."  N.H. Evening Register, R.J.L.

TRIVIA:  This was another show with my choreographer, this time, director, hero, Bob Fosse.  Gwen Verdon, my dream star, was always there for encouragement and support.


MARAT-de SADE - U.S. Tour

 "CHERRY DAVIS is a demented, clowning, streetwalker.  Her dancing and singing provide brief but welcome moments of respite from the depressing agonies of the more profoundly disturbed members of the cast."  Miami News, Ash

"CHERRY DAVIS would have been hard to surpass."  Town Crier, Goodfellow

"Of note...CHERRY DAVIS...weird acting inmate who does most of the lead singing."  The Record, Wallace

TRIVIA:  Sometimes when playing difficult roles, it is hard to shake them off at the end of the performance.  This play was full of crazies.  At a party after one performance, an actor came after me and threatened to throw me off the balcony for no reason.  Luckily another actor saved me.


BOY FRIEND - Milwaukee

"MISS DAVIS emerged as the greatest culprit of all, with an antic face, unexpected voice, and superbly funny movements.  She played her role in much the manner one would expect the great Fanny Brice to have played it.  ...Her success must be shared with the lanky Tommy Tune with whom she was paired in the show's best dance numbers.  Milwaukee Sentinel, Jay J

ME AND JULIET - National Tour

TRIVIA: Richard Rodgers started me out in my musical career.  I wrote him a letter when I first arrived in New York City.  He saw me, gave me an audition, and hired me for the final three months in the Chicago company of his Broadway musical, "Me and Juliet".  That's when I first met Bob Fosse.

The girl I replaced was very tall and well developed.  I was short and flat-chested.  My opening night came--no rehearsal with the company--the curtain opens--there I was, the only light on the Christmas tree, shivering in my G-string and safety-pinned-up see-through new costume, including falsies with bright red pasties!  AHH! A star was born!


AS YOU LIKE IT - Jeo Papp's Shakespeare in the Park

TRIVIA:  I was so fortunate to play Celia with the greatest of acting talents - George C. Scott, Jerry Stiller, Ann Meara.    

I had just returned to New York City after a year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in London.  

What a thrill! 

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