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5', 101 Lbs.

Auburn Hair

Green Eyes



        OUT AT THE WEDDING                                     Millie                                    Goff-Kellam Prods.        Lee Friedlander

        THE NIGHT THEY KIDNAPPED S. CLAUS          Mrs. Claus                          Zavada Productions      Ervin Zavada

        THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY                            Prostitute                            Dawn Films – NY           Robert Young

        I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN     Head Nurse                        New World Pictures      Anthony Page

        THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD                  Half Woman Corpse                                                 Dan O’Bannon

        WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT                        Woody                                                                      Robert Zemeckis

        FOUR BOYS AND A GUN                                 Featured Dancer                 United Artists – NY       William Berke



        TRUE BEAUTY                                                  Elder                                    ABC                              Ashton Kutcher

        QUANTUM LEAP                                               Thelma                                 Universal                      James Whitmore Jr.

        L.A. LAW                                                          Tonya                                  NBC                              Shelley Levinson

        CANNON                                                           Nancy Prochak                    CBS                              Leo Penn

        ELEANOR AND FRANKLIN                                Gladys                                ABC (MOW)                  Dan Petrie

        THE REMARKABLE MRS. SANGER                   Suffragette                         ABC (MOW)                 Virgil Vogel

        SEARCH FOR TOMORROW                              Recurring Nurse                 CBS-Soap-NY               Dan Levin

        GENERAL HOSPITAL                                         Board Member                   ABC-Soap                     Marlena Laird

        THE BEGGARS’ OPERA                                    Jenny                                  NET-TV-NY                   

        FAMILY MEDICAL CENTER                                Principal                              Syndicated                    Joe Terry

        TRUE DETECTIVES                                            Principal                              CBS                               Mark Cole

        THE JUDGE                                                        Principal                              Syndicated                    Kip Walton

        SUPERIOR COURT                                             Principal                              Syndicated                    Hank Behar

        DIVORCE COURT                                              Principal                               Syndicated                    Randy Cohen

        THE DAVID FROST SHOW                                Special Guest Star              ABC-NY                        Artie Shaw


        T.V. COMMERCIALS - (24) From bug spray to health insurance - List upon request


        SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS  -  Violet  -  54th St Theatre-NY  -  Tennessee Williams

        THE TIME OF GOING AWAY, “Death and the Maiden” - Old Mam – Court Theatre-LA - Ray Bradbury

        AS YOU LIKE IT  -  Celia   -  NY Shakespeare Festival  -  Joe Papp

        BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK  -  Gladys  -  Lincoln Center-NY  -  John Hirsch

        MAUD GONNE SAYS NO TO THE POET  -  Maud  - lead - Mark Taper Forum Lab-LA  -  Lee Shallat     

        MARAT/deSADE  -  Rossignol  -  US Tour  -  Nelle Nugent

        BILLY THE KID  -  Angela  -  Canadian Stratford Festival  -  John Wood

        BUS STOP - Cherie  - Canadian Tour - John Wood

        THE COVER OF LIFE  -   Addie Mae  -  NoHo Arts Center  -  LA  -  Sara Botsford

        THE KID  -  Jenny  -  American Place Theatre, NY

      MUSICALS – Broadway – New York

        GYPSY  -  Agnes  -  Imperial Theatre-NY  -  Jerome Robbins

        OLIVER  -  Charlotte  -  Imperial Theatre-NY  -  Peter Coe

        GEORGE M  -  Madame Grimaldi  -  Palace Theatre-NY  -  Joe Layton

        DAMN YANKEES  -  Autograph Girl ("Heart")  -  46th St Theatre-NY  -  George Abbott – Bob Fosse

        THE CONQUERING HERO  - Libby  - Co-star,  ANTA Theatre-NY  -  Bob Fosse

        ME AND JULIET – Drunk - National Touring Company – Rodgers & Hammerstein – Bob Fosse

        THREEPENNY OPERA  -  Polly  -  Theatre De Lys-NY  -  Carmen Capalbo

        YOUR OWN THING  -  Olivia  -  W. 4th St Theatre-NY  -  Don Driver

        MADAME APHRODITE  -  Rosemary  -  Orpheum Theatre-NY  -  Jerry Herman



        Improvisation; Singing - Musical Comedy, Cabaret; Dance – simple choreography, improvisational jazz;

        Dialects – New York, Midwestern, Southern, British, Cockney, Irish; Cartoon Voices; Acting Coach;
Aerobics; Lift Weights; Bowling; Psychic; Tree-hugger.


        Woody Woodpecker, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Star Trek V, Hercules, B.L.Stryker, Magnum P.I.,

        Magruder & Loud, Bates Motel



      N.Y.- Lee Strasberg, Harold Clurman;  London, EnglandRoyal Academy of Dramatic Art